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Are Dragons Cool? Empty Are Dragons Cool?

on Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:52 am
This is a debatable topic. For starters Dragons are the ideal bad guy but are they used to often. If there is a princes there is a dragon, if there is a boss there is a Dragon, all games and movies that have a fantasy theme, have a dragon. But does this make them over rated. YES they are used a lot and you can sometimes anticipate where the Dragon will be, but No wherever there is a Dragon there is a legend, a story, a good fight.
     Are Dragons for little kids or for all ages? Dragons are meant anyone of any age. have you ever played Skyrim? well if so you would know that that is a fun game anyone who is old enough can enjoy. Have you ever watched "How to Train your Dragon" Children both big or small can enjoy the warmhearted scenes and the amazing fight scenes.
     In conclusion Dragons ARE cool. Anyone can like playing a video game with a dragon in it, or sit down on a couch and watch a good movie with or a about a Dragon. but what do you think, Are Dragons Cool?
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Are Dragons Cool? Empty Re: Are Dragons Cool?

on Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:45 am
I didn't read any of that, just saying this based off the title alone,  OFC everyone here is going to say that dragons are cool, if anyone takes the time and effort to sign up to a dragon forum . . . . .
let it sink in. . . .
They're most likely going to think dragons are cool.. else why would they waste  time signing up here or even think about visiting a website with " dragon " in the name?

Example, anyone who does NOT like MLP like me, sorry if I offend anyone here, but I don't like that kind of stuff, anyway... anyone who doesn't like mlp why the hell would they even attempt to look up a site yet alone sign up to it and then say NO they don't like it to a topic such as this.. OFC everyone else who took the time to sign up to it is going to have the obvious awnser YES. else why sign up????

And again sorry if I offended anyone, your entitled to your opinion as much as I.

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