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The New 2020 Theme Empty The New 2020 Theme

on Sat Feb 01, 2020 2:14 pm
I hope you guys enjoy the new 2020 theme!

Some other changes included
- The Multi-gaming community has been removed from the forums and is now a discord-only area, if you wanna be part of one of our
gaming clans you must now join the discord to participate.
- Dream Archive project merged with Dragon Forum, you can now feel free to share weird creepy or normal dreams in the new archive area
- Due to there being a lot of forums removed, a lot of categories have been cleaned or deleted such as ark trading forums and trash/spam.
- Rank IMG has been removed
- Portal will now show the most recent 5 topics ( welcome page )
- Publications have been enabled for public use , you can use this to make a story or an article about anything interesting.

Please note that the theme is not 100% complete, there will be parts that have the old setup and parts that will look just plain weird, if you feel like I have missed something obvious don't be scared to shoot me a DM, and I will fix A.S.A.P

Please join our discord and hook me up with a DM
if you want to give me your opinion on what changes you
would make for DragonForum.
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